Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 3, March 2019

Network Security Architecture and Applications Based on Context-Aware Security


Hoon Ko, Chang Choi, Pankoo Kim and Junho Choi, Chosun University, South Korea


The number of services and smart devices which require context is increasing, and there is a clear need for new security policies which provide security that is convenient and flexible for the user. In particular, there is an urgent need for new security policies regarding IT vulnerability layers for children, the elderly, and the disabled who experience many difficulties using current security technology. For a convenient and flexible security policy, it is necessary to collect and analyze data such as user service use patterns, locations, etc., which can be used to distinguish attack contexts and define a security service provision technology which is suitable to the user. This study has designed a user context-aware network security architecture which reflects the aforementioned requirements, collected user context-aware data, studied a user context analysis platform, and studied and analyzed context-aware security applications


Context-aware Security, Network Security Policy, Malicious Code Detection