Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 5, April 2019

On-Line Optimization Method for Energy Efficient Pump-Storage Operation with
Integrated Filling Time Constraint


Thomas Hieninger, Florian Goppelt and Ronald Schmidt-Vollus,Nuremberg Campus of Technology, TH Georg Simon Ohm, Nuremberg, Germany


This contribution presents a Nelder-Mead based on-line optimization algorithm for centrifugal pumps to decrease the energy demand for filling tasks during operation. This method works with power and filling level data, which adapts the rotational speed to the current filling level. During optimization, rotational speed constraints have to be regarded to fulfill a steadily filling within a maximum permitted time. To develop and to test the algorithm, a model of a pump system is used, which is implemented in Matlab/Simulink. The tuning method achieves energy savings at the permitted filling time.


Online-Optimization, Centrifugal Pump, Energy Efficiency, Fluid Storage