Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 7, June 2019

CHEMCONNECT: An Ontology-Based Repository of Experimental Devices and Observations


Edward S. Blurock, Blurock Consulting AB, Sweden


CHEMCONNECT is an ontology cloud-based repository of experimental, theoretical and computational data for the experimental sciences domain. Currently, the emphasis is on the chemical combustion community, but in future work (in collaboration with domain experts) the domain will be expanded. CHEMCONNECT goes beyond traditional meta-data annotated scientific result repositories in that the data is parsed and analysed with respect to an extensive chemical and combustion knowledge base. The parsed data is then inter-linked allowing for efficient searching and comparison. The goal is to link all data associated with experiments, includingthe device description, the intermediate data (both computed and measured), the associated interpretations, procedures and methodologies used to produce the data and the final published results and references. Having published data linked to its dependent measurements and constants, devices, subsystems, sensors and even people and laboratories provides an effective accountability and more confidence in the data. Data entry and availability can range from private user, to user defined consortia to general public. These concepts are implemented at


Case Study, Ontology, Repository, Database, Experimental Devices, Experimental Results