Volume 11, Number 5/6

Automatic Transfer Rate Adjustment for Transfer Reinforcement Learning


Hitoshi Kono1, Yuto Sakamoto1, Yonghoon Ji2 and Hiromitsu Fujii3, 1Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan, 2Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, 3Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan


This paper proposes a novel parameter for transfer reinforcement learning to avoid over-fitting when an agent uses a transferred policy from a source task. Learning robot systems have recently been studied for many applications, such as home robots, communication robots, and warehouse robots. However, if the agent reuses the knowledge that has been sufficiently learned in the source task, deadlock may occur and appropriate transfer learning may not be realized. In the previous work, a parameter called transfer rate was proposed to adjust the ratio of transfer, and its contribution include avoiding dead lock in the target task. However, adjusting the parameter depends on human intuition and experiences. Furthermore, the method for deciding transfer rate has not discussed. Therefore, an automatic method for adjusting the transfer rate is proposed in this paper using a sigmoid function. Further, computer simulations are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method to improve the environmental adaptation performance in a target task, which refers to the situation of reusing knowledge.


Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Learning, Transfer rate, Overfitting, Overlearning.