Volume 11, Number 1

An open Jackson Network Model for Heterogeneous Infrastructure as a Service on Cloud Computing


Chien Nguyen Khac1, 2, Khiet Bui Thanh3, 4, Hung Ho Dac4, Son Nguyen Hong2, Vu Pham Tran3 and Hung Tran Cong2,
1The People's Police University, Vietnam, 2Posts and Telecoms Institute of Technology Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 3Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam and 4Thu Dau Mot University, Vietnam


Cloud computing is an environment which provides services for user demand such as software, platform, infrastructure. Applications which are deployed on cloud computing have become more varied and complex to adapt to increase end-user quantity and fluctuating workload. One popular characteristic of cloud computing is the heterogeneity of network, hosts and virtual machines (VM). There were many studies on cloud computing modeling based on queuing theory, but most studies have focused on homogeneity characteristic. In this study, we propose a cloud computing model based on open Jackson network for multi-tier application systems which are deployed on heterogeneous VMs of IaaS cloud computing. The important metrics are analyzed in our experiments such as mean waiting time; mean request quantity, the throughput of the system. Besides that, metrics in model is used to modify number VMs allocated for applications. Result of experiments shows that open queue network provides high efficiency


Heterogeneous Infrastructure as a Service, Cloud Computing, Open Jackson Network