Volume 13, Number 4

An Efficient and Stable Routing Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Network


Priyanka Pandey and Raghuraj Singh, Harcourt Butler Technical University, India


Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is mainly designed to set up communication among devices in infrastructure-less wireless communication network. Routing in this kind of communication network is highly affected by its restricted characteristics such as frequent topological changes and limited battery power. Several research works have been carried out to improve routing performance in MANET. However, the overall performance enhancement in terms of packet delivery, delay and control message overhead is still not come into the wrapping up. In order to overcome the addressed issues, an Efficient and Stable-AODV (EFST-AODV) routing scheme has been proposed which is an improvement over AODV to establish a better quality route between source and destination. In this method, we have modified the route request and route reply phase. During the route request phase, cost metric of a route is calculated on the basis of parameters such as residual energy, delay and distance. In a route reply phase, average residual energy and average delay of overall path is calculated and the data forwarding decision is taken at the source node accordingly. Simulation outcomes reveal that the proposed approach gives better results in terms of packet delivery ratio, delay, throughput, normalized routing load and control message overhead as compared to AODV.


Mobile Ad hoc Network, Energy, AODV, Routing, Random Waypoint Model.