Volume 15, Number 5

Optimize the Network Coding Paths to Enhance the Coding Protection in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network


Mohammad Javad Abbasi, A. S. Abdullah and N. Fisal, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia


Efficient protection techniques for multimedia data transfer over Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are very essential issues. In noisy Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN) Quality of Service (QoS) is a challenging task due to bandwidth and limited energy, and unpredictable channel conditions. Therefore, Forward Error Correction (FEC), a class of channel coding has been widely used in WSN. Nevertheless, the bulky size of multimedia data makes it more difficult to be transported over the noisy multi-hop wireless network. Moreover, the efficiency of FEC drops as the number of hops increases. In this paper, an optimized protection technique based on network coding and rateless code has been proposed to enhance the throughput and reduce overhead during data transfer in WMSN. The performance of NCP-OPR is enhanced via Optimal Network Path Model (ONPM) where the best available paths are optimally selected using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). In conjunction with the proposed protection scheme, the proposed ONPM is intended for limited power WSN by optimally distributing the power usage among the network paths so that the throughput can be improved.


Optimal Network Path, network coding, Particle Swarm Optimization, rateless and Wireless Sensor.