Volume 15, Number 6

Channel Estimation in MIMO OFDM Systems with Tapped Delay Line Model


Ravi Hosamani and Yerriswamy T, K.L.E . Institute of Technology, India


The continuous increase in the user demands fornew-generation communication systems, is making the wireless channel more complex and challenging for estimation, developing a simulation model for the channel,and evaluating the performance of different MIMO systems. In this work, a simulation model for multipath fading channels in wireless communication is performed. The model includes a selection of typical Tapped-Delay-Line channel models that can be implemented to reproduce the effects of representative channel distortion and interference. Based on the simulation results, the proposed method exhibits accurate channel estimation performance for frequency-selective fading channels. The proposed work employed LS, MMSE, and ML methods for channel estimation, using 16 and 32 pilots and fixed pilot locations in each frame. Results are obtained for 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, 16x8, and 16x4 MIMO systems and tapped delay line systems.


Channel estimation, MIMO systems, multipath fading, tapped-delay line, Mean square error.