Volume 11, Number 4

Comparative Analysis of Existing and a Novel Approach to Topic Detection
on Conversational Dialogue Data


Haider Khalid and Vincent Wade, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


Topic detection in dialogue datasets has become a significant challenge for unsupervised and unlabeled data to develop a cohesive and engaging dialogue system. In this paper, we proposed unsupervised and semi-supervised techniques for topic detection in the conversational dialogue dataset and compared them with existing topic detection techniques. The paper proposes a novel approach for topic detection, which takes preprocessed data as an input and performs similarity analysis with the TF-IDF scores bag of words technique (BOW) to identify higher frequency words from dialogue utterances. It then refines the higher frequency words by integrating the clustering and elbow methods and using the Parallel Latent Dirichlet Allocation (PLDA) model to detect the topics. The paper comprised a comparative analysis of the proposed approach on the Switchboard, Personachat and MultiWOZ dataset. The experimental results show that the proposed topic detection approach performs significantly better using a semi-supervised dialogue dataset. We also performed topic quantification to check how accurate extracted topics are to compare with manually annotated data. For example, extracted topics from Switchboard are 92.72%, Peronachat 87.31% and MultiWOZ 93.15% accurate with manually annotated data.


Dialogue System, Topic Detection, PLDA Model, Term-similarity Analysis, Semi-supervised Learning.