Volume 11, Number 4

Generalized Legendre Polynomials for Support Vector Machines (SVMS) Classification


Ashraf Afifi1 and E.A.Zanaty2, 1Taif University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 2Sohag University, Egypt


In this paper, we introduce a set of new kernel functions derived from the generalized Legendre polynomials to obtain more robust and higher support vector machine (SVM) classification accuracy. The generalized Legendre kernel functions are suggested to provide a value of how two given vectors are like each other by changing the inner product of these two vectors into a greater dimensional space. The proposed kernel functions satisfy the Mercer’s condition and orthogonality properties for reaching the optimal result with low number support vector (SV). For that, the new set of Legendre kernel functions could be utilized in classification applications as effective substitutes to those generally used like Gaussian, Polynomial and Wavelet kernel functions. The suggested kernel functions are calculated in compared to the current kernels such as Gaussian, Polynomial, Wavelets and Chebyshev kernels by application to various non-separable data sets with some attributes. It is seen that the suggested kernel functions could give competitive classification outcomes in comparison with other kernel functions. Thus, on the basis test outcomes, we show that the suggested kernel functions are more robust about the kernel parameter change and reach the minimal SV number for classification generally.


Legendre Polynomials, Kernel Functions, Functional Analysis, SVMS, Classification Problem