Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 11, August 2019

Matbase – A Tool for Transparent Programming While Modelling Data at Conceptual Levels


Christian Mancas, Ovidius University, Romania


MatBase is a prototype intelligent data and knowledge base management system based on the Relational, Entity-Relationship, and (Elementary) Mathematical Data Models, having two current versions (MS SQL Server and C#, MS Access and VBA). Users may work with it only at one or any combination of these conceptual levels, without any programming knowledge (be it SQL, C#, VBA, etc.), to create, populate, update, and delete databases and corresponding management software applications. The paper introduces the MatBase architecture and the principles used to transparently program while modelling data at these three conceptual levels with this tool. A real-life example illustrates them.


Conceptual Data Modelling, Automatic Code Generation, Relational Constraints, Non-relational Constraints, DBMS Engine Architectures, The (Elementary) Mathematic Data Model, MatBase