Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 14, November 2019

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Optimize Dispatching for A Microgrid Energy System
with Renewable Energy Sources


Sajib Sen1, Kishor Datta Gupta1, Subash Poudyal1 and Md Manjurul Ahsan2, 1University of Memphis, USA and 2Lamar University, USA


Distributed network reconfiguration techniques are used widely to optimize power distribution systems. As renewable energy generation are very stochastic in nature, network reconfiguration with this stochastic nature does not provide the optimal solution. To address this problem a threeobjective genetic algorithm approach has been taken in this project to find the optimal solution of energy scheduling throughout a day, simultaneously using the concept of network reconfiguration. In this research paper, we have applied a genetic algorithm approach, in order to optimize dispatching power with reconfiguring the network and scheduling the power sources. Our proposed methods shows that, it is possible to get 1MW less line lose compared to general condition.


Micro grid, Genetic algorithm, Power distribution, Network reconfiguration