Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 9, Number 5, April 2019

Consent Based Access Policy Framework


Geetha Madadevaiah1, RV Prasad1, Amogh Hiremath1, Michel Dumontier2, Andre Dekker3 1Philips India Ltd, India, 2Maastricht University, The Netherlands and 3Maastricht University Medical Centre+, The Netherlands


In this paper, we use Semantic Web Technologies to store and share the sensitive medical data in a secure manner. The framework builds on the advantages of the Semantic Web technologies and makes it secure and robust for sharing sensitive information in a controlled environment. The framework uses a combination of Role-Based and Rule-Based Access Policies to provide security to a medical data repository. To support the framework, we built a lightweight ontology to collect consent from the users indicating which part of their data they want to share with another user having a particular role. Here, we have considered the scenario of sharing the medical data by the owner of data, say the patient, with relevant people such as physicians, researchers, pharmacist, etc. We developed a prototype,which is validated using Sesame Open RDF Workbench with 202,908 triples and a consent graph stating consents per patient.


Access Policies, Semantic Web,RDF/SPARQL, Role Based, Rule Based