Computer Science & Information Technology

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International Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJCSIT)

1 14 1 Mobile Device Users’ Susceptibility to Phishing Attacks F. Ley Sylvester, Tarrant County College, USA Full Text
2 14 1 Shortcomings and Flaws in the Mathematical Derivation of the Fundamental Matrix Equation Tayeb Basta, Al Ghurair University, UAE Full Text
3 14 1 Steam++ An Extensible End-to-end Framework for Developing IoT Data Processing Applications in the Fog Márcio Miguel Gomes1, Rodrigo da Rosa Righi1, Cristiano André da Costa1 and Dalvan Griebler2, 1University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos - Brazil, 2Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Full Text
4 14 1 Accuracy of Garmin GPS Running Watches over Repetitive Trials on the Same Route Joe Dumas, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA Full Text
5 14 1 Safely Scaling Virtual Private Network for a Major Telecom Company during A Pandemic Shannon Roberson, Mohammad Abdus Salam, Mathieu Kourouma and Osman Kandara, Southern University and A&M College, USA Full Text
6 14 1 Encryption based Watermarking Technique for Security of Medical Image Abderrahmane Daham and Mohamed ouslim, University of Science and Technology of Oran (USTO), Algeria Full Text
7 14 1 Feature Extraction Methods for IRIS Recognition System: A Survey Tara Othman Qadir1, Nik Shahidah Afifi Md Taujuddin1 and Sundas Naqeeb Khan2, 1Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Malaysia, 2Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia Full Text
8 14 2 Smsecurity: Security System and SMS Notification Cum Face Recognition Winston G. Domingo1, Arnold Dela Cruz2, Klaida Nicolas2, Jennifer A. Gamay MIT2, Erwin N. Lardizabal2 and Virdi C. Gonzales3, 1Quirino State University, Philippines, 2Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology, Philippines, 3Southern Isabela Medical Center, Philippines Full Text
9 14 2 Remote Work and Innovation During this Covid-19 Pandemic: An Employers’ Challenge Bibhu Dash, University of the Cumberlands, USA Full Text
10 14 2 Failure Free Cloud Computing Architectures Yolam Zimba1, Hastings Maboshe Libati2 and Derrick Ntalasha2, 1University of Lusaka, Zambia, 2Copperbelt University, Zambia Full Text
11 14 2 User Experience Evaluation of a Student Information System Asaad Alzayed and Bareeq Alghannam, Public Authority for Applied Education and Trainin, Kuwait Full Text
12 14 3 Formal Specification for Implementing Atomic Read/Write Shared Memory in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using the Mobile Unity Reham.A.Shihata, EL Menoufia University, Egypt Full Text
13 14 3 The Digital Carbon Footprint: Threat to an Environmentally Sustainable Future Pawankumar Sharma and Bibhu Dash, University of the Cumberlands, USA Full Text
14 14 3 Combining Machine Learning and Semantic Analysis for Efficient Misinformation Detection of Arabic Covid-19 Tweets Abdulrahim Alhaizaey and Jawad Berri, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
15 14 3 Exploiting Raspberry PI Clusters and Campus Lab Computers for Distributed Computing Jacob Bushur and Chao Chen, Purdue University Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, USA Full Text
16 14 3 Security in Wireless Sensor Networks: Comparative Study Fatimah Khalil Aljwari, Hajer Abdullah Alwadei and Aseel Abdullah Alfaidi, Jeddah University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
17 14 3 Big Data and Cloud Readiness Hazirah Bee Yusof Ali and Lili Marziana Abdullah, Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT), International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia Full Text
18 14 3 The Professionalization of the Hacker Industry Tyson Brooks, Syracuse University, USA Full Text
19 14 3 Visually Impaired People Monitoring in a Smart Home using Electronic White Cane Mikaël A. Mousse, Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Université de Parakou, Benin Full Text
20 14 3 Covid-19 Sparked the E-Commerce Revolution; Some Benefited, While Others Left in Cold Bilal Ahmed Wani and Dr. Noor Azizah BT. MohamadAli, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia Full Text
21 14 4 Compact Preservation of Scrambled CD-Rom Data Jacob Hauenstein, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA Full Text
22 14 4 Identify the Beehive Sound using Deep Learning Shah Jafor Sadeek Quaderi1, Sadia Afrin Labonno2, Sadia Mostafa2 and Shamim Akhter3, 1University of Malaya, Malaysia, 2AISIP Lab, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Bangladesh, 3Stamford University Bangladesh, Bangladesh Full Text
23 14 4 SwarMED: A High-Throughput Interoperability Architecture Over Ethereum and Swarm for Big Biomedical Data Arghya Kusum Das, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA Full Text
24 14 4 Arabic Dataset for Farmers' Intent Identification Toward Developing a Chatbot Abdelrahman Elsayed and Susan F. Ellakwa, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt Full Text
25 14 4 Impact of 4IR Technology and its Impact on the Current Deployment Bandar Alsulaimani1 and Amanul Islam2, 1King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia, 2University of Malaya, Malaysia Full Text
26 14 4 A Short Survey on Constructing an IoT based Intelligent Road System F. O. Okorodudu, G. C. Omede, S. A. Otegbalor, Delta State University, Nigeria Full Text
27 14 4 Impact of Pandemic on E-Commerce in Asia Bilal Ahmed Wani and Noor Azizah BT. Mohamad Ali, Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology International Islamic University of Malaysia, Malaysia Full Text
28 14 5 Quantifying the Theory Vs. Programming Disparity using Spectral Bipartivity Analysis and Principal Component AnalysisF Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA Full Text
29 14 5 Edge Controller Placement for Next Generation Wireless Sensor Networks Mohamed S. Abouzeid, Heba A. El-khobby, Mahmoud A. A. Ali and Mohamed E. Nasr, Tanta University, Egypt Full Text
30 14 5 Increasing the Investment’s Opportunities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia By Studying and Analyzing the Social Media Data Sherif Kamel Hussein1, 2, Sultanah AL-Sedairi2 and Nawal AL-Rahimi2, 1October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt 2Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA Full Text
31 14 5 Dyslexic Reading Assistance with Language Processing Algorithms Sharada Lakshmanan, Equifax, USA Full Text
32 14 5 Robust Watermarking Method for Secure Transmission of Medical Images in EHR Systems Abderrahmane Daham and Mohamed ouslim, University of Science and Technology of Oran (USTO), Algeria Full Text
33 14 6 Effective Malware Detection Approach based on Deep Learning in Cyber-Physical Systems Srinivas Aditya Vaddadi, Pandu Ranga Rao Arnepalli, Ramya Thatikonda, Adithya PadtheUniversity of the Cumberlands, USA Full Text
34 14 6 Electronic Letter of Guarantee for Banking System Sherif Kamel Hussein1, Abdullah Alhayan2, 1October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Egypt, & Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA, 2Arab East Colleges for Graduate Studies, KSA Full Text
35 14 6 Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) – Capabilities and Features for Real-Time Testing in Cloud Pawankumar Sharma1, Prasad Chetti2 and Lotfollah Najjar3, 1University of the Cumberlands, USA, 2Northwest Missouri State University, USA, 3University of Nebraska, USA Full Text
36 14 6 Using Singular Value Decomposition in a Convolutional Neural Network to Improve Brain Tumor Segmentation Accuracy Pegah Ahadian, Maryam Babaei and Kourosh Parand, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran Full Text
37 14 6 Efficient Attack Detection in IoT Devices using Feature Engineering-Less Machine Learning Arshiya Khan and Chase Cotton, University of Delaware, USA Full Text

International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey (IJCSES)

38 13 1/2 A Review on Parts-of-Speech Technologies Onyenwe Ikechukwu1, Onyedikachukwu Ikechukwu-Onyenwe1, Onyedinma Ebele1, Chidinma A. Nwafor2, 1Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria, 2Nigerian Army College of Environmental Science and Technology, Nigeria Full Text
39 13 3 Critique of the Necropolitical Economy of The Internet of Things: Brains, Biohacking, and Social Apartheid Nathan M. Wiley, Western University, Canada Full Text
40 13 3 System and Risk Analysis of Cloud-Manufacturing System Trupti Narayan Rane, Old Dominion University, USA Full Text
41 13 3 Cluster Head Selection Algorithms for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Systematic Literature Review Peter Maina Mwangi , John Gichuki Ndia and Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha, Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya Full Text
42 13 4 Digital Transformation of the Health Sector During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia Ahmed Rawash and Mohamed Abdelrahman, Cairo University, Egypt Full Text
43 13 5/6 Blockchain Cryptography and Security Issues Mohamed Abdelrahman, Cairo University, Egypt Full Text
44 13 5/6 DALAN: A Course Recommender for Freshmen Students using a Multiple Regression Model Michaelangelo R. Serrano, Nero L. Hontiveros, EJ Ryle C. Mosquera, Riza Lenn L. Cariaga and Novannyza Bein D. Catulong, Notre Dame of Midsayap College, Philippines Full Text

Computer Science & Engineering: An International Journal (CSEIJ)

45 12 1 Resume Screening and Recommendation System using Machine Learning Approaches Lokesh. S, Mano Balaje. S, Prathish. E and B. Bharathi, SSN College of Engineering, India Full Text
46 12 1 An Ancient Number Recognition using Freeman Chain Code with Deep Learning Approach Aditi M. Joshi and Sanjay G. Patel, Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, LDRP – ITR, India Full Text
47 12 1 A Recurrent Neural Model for Temporal Information Extraction Parul Patel, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India Full Text
48 12 1 Web Auto Configuration for N-Tier in VM based Dynamic Environment by Reinforcement Learning Approach: A Study Keyur Prajapati1 and Dinesh J Prajapati2, 1M.B. Patel Institute of Technology, India, 2A. D. Patel Institute of Technology, India Full Text
49 12 1 An Investigation into Techniques used for Fetal Health Classification Megha Chaturvedi, Shikha Agrawal, Sanjay Silakari, Department of Computer Science and Engineering University Institute of Technology, RGPV Bhopal, India Full Text
50 12 1 Design of Security Taxonomy in Requirement Engineering Tejas Shah, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India Full Text
51 12 1 Context aware Secure Collaborative Business Intelligence Veena Jokhakar, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India Full Text
52 12 1 Context aware Secure Collaborative Business Intelligence Sk Ibrar Ahmed and Quazi Mohmmad Alfred, Aliah University, India Full Text
53 12 1 Study of Technological Interventions in Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices – A Case of Ahmedabad City Esha Dalal1, Gayatri Doctor2 and Rahul Patel2, 1SVIT Vasad, India, 2CEPT University, India Full Text
54 12 1 Facial Emotion Recognition as Spatial Image using Gabor Filter Shubham Luharuka, Meghana R, Pallavi K J and Asha S Manek, RV Institute of Technology and Management, India Full Text
55 12 1 Simplex based Social Spider Optimization Method for Improving Medical Data Analysis Monalisa Nayak1, Soumya Das2, Urmila Bhanja1 and Manas Ranjan Senapati3, 1Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, India, 2Government College of Engineering, Kalahandi, India, 3Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, India Full Text
56 12 1 Aspect Category Detection Ritul Patel, Dhaval Bhoi and Dr. Amit Thakkar, CHARUSAT, India Full Text
57 12 1 Object Detection Techniques based on Deep Learning: A Review Utkarsh Namdev, Shikha Agrawal and Rajeev Pandey, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal, India Full Text
58 12 1 Applications of Finite Element Method in Computer Tomography for Cancer and Tumors: A Review T. V. Smitha, Raunak Kumar Singh and Naresh Santosh Shet, RV Institute of Technology and Management Bangalore, India Full Text
59 12 1 Plant Disease Detection Techniques based on Deep Learning Models: A Review Onkar Saxena, Shikha Agrawal and Sanjay Silakari, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal, India Full Text
60 12 1 Critical Success Factor for Effective Utilization of Mobile AR in the Real Estate Industry Yashraj Jain1, Jyoti Trivedi1 and Amarnath CB2, 1CEPT University, India, 2President – India BIM Association, India Full Text
61 12 1 Early Detection of Breast Cancer Tumors using Linear Discriminant Analysis Feature Selection with Different Machine Learning Classification Methods Mazhar Abbas and Hamid Ghous, Department of Computer Science, ISP Multan Pakistan Full Text
62 12 2 An Efficient LSTM Model for Fake News Detection Jayesh Soni, Florida International University, USA Full Text
63 12 3 Vehicle Detection and Count in the Captured Stream Video Using Opencv in Machine Learning Md.Milon Rana1, Tajkuruna Akter Tithy1 and Md. Mehedi Hasan2, 1Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, 2World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Full Text
64 12 4 TracKid – A Location Tracking Application for Children on School Transport Rachel Karanja and Esther Khakata, Strathmore University, Kenya Full Text
65 12 5 Plant Leaf Diseases Identification in Deep Learning Md.Milon Rana, Tajkuruna Akter Tithy, Nefaur Rahman Mamun and Hridoy Kumar Sharker, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh Full Text
66 12 6 Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment by Combining Particle Swarm Optimization and Grey Wolf Optimization Divya Makhija, Chapram Sudhakar, Posham Bhargava Reddy and Varsha Kumari, National Institute of Technology Warangal, India Full Text
67 12 6 Detection of Face Mask and Glass using Deep Learning Algorithm Kavin Bharathi1 and Savithadevi M2, 1Vellore Institute of Technology, India, 2National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India Full Text
68 12 6 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of AI and ML Projects on Github by the Firsttime Contributors Vivek AR and Karthikeyan P, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India Full Text
69 12 6 Data Management Issues and Study on Heterogeneous Data Storage in the Internet of Things T.Kalai Selvi1 and Dr.S.Sasirakha2, 1Erode Sengunthar Engineering College, India, 2Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, India Full Text
70 12 6 Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks for Big Data Richa Verma and Ravindara Bhatt, Jaypee University of Information Technology, India Full Text
71 12 6 Preprocessing Challenges for Real World Affect Recognition Karishma Raut and Sujata Kulkarni, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, India Full Text
72 12 6 Analysis of Seismic Signal and Detection of Abnormalities Sujata Kulkarni, Udhav Bhosle and Vijay Kumar T, School of Earth Science SRTMU, India Full Text
73 12 6 Noise Removal in Traffic Sign Detection Systems Mohan Kumar G, M Shriram, and Dr. Rajeswari Sridhar, National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, India Full Text
74 12 6 An Overview of Copy Move Forgery Detection Approaches Gayathri K S1, 2 and Deepthi P S2, 1APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala, 2LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Trivandrum, Kerala Full Text
75 12 6 Mimeme Attribute Classification using LDV Ensemble Multimodel Learning Dhivya. K1, Akoramurthy. B2, T. Sivakumar1 and M. Sathya1, 1Pondicherry University Puducherry, India, 2REVA University, India Full Text
76 12 6 Attack Detection Availing Feature Discretion using Random Forest Classifier Anne Dickson1 and Ciza Thomas2, 1Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, Kerala, 2Directorate of Technical Education, Trivandrum, Kerala Full Text
77 12 6 The Increasing Threat to Digital Assets Due to the Development of Quantum Algorithms Basil Hanafi, Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari and Imran Khan, Aligarh Muslim University, India Full Text
78 12 6 Convolutional Neural Network based Retinal Vessel Segmentation Savithadevi M, National Institute of Technology, India Full Text
79 12 6 Recognization Holic- Medicine Detection using Deep Learning Techniques Kayethri D, Dharunya R, Harini M Full Text
80 12 6 Foodligence – Predicting Expiry Date of Perishable Foods to Reduce Loss and Waste Trewon Weerasooriya and Kishore Kumar, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology Malabe, Sri Lanka Full Text

International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (IJCSEA)

81 12 1/2 Frequent Articulation Disorders in Children Nino S. Levy1 and Yeal Ben Ruby2, 1Afeka College of Engineering, Israel, 2Tik Talk to Me Ltd., Israel Full Text
82 12 1/2 A Deep Learning-based Accurate Drug Detection, Identification and Confirmation Mechanism for Medication Dispensing Package of Inpatients Hui-Chuan Lin1, 2, Guen-Han Li3, Po-Cheng Su3 and Roy Chaoming Hsu3,*, 1Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, Taiwan, 2Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, 3National Chiayi University, Taiwan Full Text
83 12 3/4/5/6 Multi-Path Live Video Streaming over Wi-Fi Direct Multi-Groups KAWAKAMI Masayuki and FUJITA Satoshi, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering Hiroshima University, Japan Full Text

International Journal on Computational Science & Applications(IJCSA)

84 12 1/2/3 Estimating the Distribution of Witnesses of the Primality of the Miller-Rabin Test Alisher Zhumaniezov, Kazan Federal University, Russian Federation Full Text
85 12 1/2/3 Decades of Miscomputation in Genomic Clades and Distances Richard B. Frost, Frost Concepts, Vista CA, USA Full Text
86 12 1/2/3 Low Alpha, Low Beta, And Theta Brainwaves Bands to Predict Student Engagement using Machine Learning Methods Liliana Villavicencio, Pallavi Singh and Wilfrido Moreno, University of South Florida, USA Full Text
87 12 1/2/3 Simulation of Pipelined MIPS Floating-Point Units using Node-RED Bryan McClain, Jinyu Fang, Prathamesh Kale and John J. Lee, IUPUI, USA Full Text

International Journal on Information Theory (IJIT)

88 11 1 Sensing Method for Two-Target Detection in Time-Constrained Vector Gaussian Channel Muhammad Fahad and Daniel R. Fuhrmann, Department of Applied Computing Michigan Technological University, USA Full Text
89 11 2/3 Study on Correlation between Wind Speed and Temperature using Information Entropy Amanda Goodrick, State University of New York at Binghamton, USA Full Text

International Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC)

90 11 1 Extracting Linguistic Speech Patterns of Japanese Fictional Characters using Subword Units Mika Kishino1 and Kanako Komiya2, 1Ibaraki University, Japan, 2Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan Full Text
91 11 1 Integration of Phonotactic Features for Language Identification on Code-Switched Speech Koena Mabokela, University of Johannesburg, South Africa Full Text
92 11 1 Morphological Analyzer using the BILSTM Model only for Japanese Hiragana Sentences Jun Izutsu1 and Kanako Komiya2, 1Ibaraki University, Japan, 2Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan Full Text
93 11 1 A Robust Three-Stage Hybrid Framework for English to Bangla Transliteration Redwan Ahmed Rizvee, Asif Mahmood, Shakur Shams Mullick and Sajjadul Hakim, Tiger IT Bangladesh Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh Full Text
94 11 2 Text Data Labelling using Transformer based Sentence Embeddings and Text Similarity for Text Classification Amiya Amitabh Chakrabarty, Broadridge financial solutions, India Full Text
95 11 3 LARQS: An Analogical Reasoning Evaluation Dataset for Legal Word Embedding Chun-Hsien Lin and Pu-Jen Cheng, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Full Text
96 11 3 Machine-Readable Entailments with the Italian Prendere Construction Expressing Hitting and Insulting Events Ignazio Mauro Mirto, Università di Palermo, Italy Full Text
97 11 3 Developing Smart Web-Search using Regex Ikechukwu Onyenwe1, Stanley Ogbonna1, Ebele Onyedimma1, Onyedikachukwu Ikechukwu-Onyenwe1 and Chidinma Nwafor2, 1Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria, 2Nigerian Army College of Environmental Science and Technology, Nigeria Full Text
98 11 3 Prototyping NLP Non-Word Detection System for Dinka using Dictionary Lookup Approach Manyok Chol David1 and Robert Balagadde Ssali2, 1University of Juba, South Sudan, 2Kampala International University, Uganda Full Text
99 11 3 Evaluation of Semantic Answer Similarity Metrics Farida Mustafazade1 and Peter F. Ebbinghaus2, 1GAM Systematic, 2Teufel Audio Full Text
100 11 4 Comparative Analysis of Existing and a Novel Approach to Topic Detection on Conversational Dialogue Data Haider Khalid and Vincent Wade, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Full Text
101 11 4 Adversarial Grammatical Error Generation: Application to Persian Language Nassibeh Golizadeh1, Mahdi Golizadeh1 and Mohamad Forouzanfar2, 1University of Tabriz, Iran, 2K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran Full Text
102 11 5 Learning Chess and NIM with Transformers Michael DeLeo and Erhan Guven, Johns Hopkins University, USA Full Text
103 11 5 A Grammatically and Structurally Based Part of Speech (POS) Tagger for Arabic Language Mohamed Taybe Elhadi and Ramadan Sayad Alfared, Zawia University, Libya Full Text
104 11 5 Hierarchical Topics in Texts Generated by a Stream Achraf Lassoued, University of Paris II and IRIF-CNRS, France Full Text
105 11 5 A Contrastive Study of the Negation Morphemes ( English, Kurdish and Arabic) Safia Zivingi, Damascus University (2), Syria Full Text
106 11 6 Streaming Punctuation: A Novel Punctuation Technique Leveraging Bidirectional Context for Continuous Speech Recognition Piyush Behre, Sharman Tan, Padma Varadharajan and Shuangyu Chang, Microsoft Corporation Full Text
107 11 6 Stress Test for Bert and Deep Models: Predicting Words from Italian Poetry Rodolfo Delmonte, Nicolò Busetto, Ca Foscari University, Venice (Italy) Full Text
108 11 6 Unscrambling Codes: from Hieroglyphs to Market News Emilio Barone1 and Gaia Barone2, 1Department of Economics and Finance, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome, Italy, 2School of Business, National College of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland Full Text

International Journal of Managing Information Technology (IJMIT)

109 1 14 A Review of Stock Trend Prediction with Combination of Effective Multi Technical Indicator Strategy Liaw Geok Pheng1, Tay Choo Chuan1, Mac Foong2, Norzihani Binti Yusof1 and Dalbina Kaur A/P Jagjeet Singh3, 1Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Malaysia, 2Founder of Goldman Seed Management, Malaysia, 3Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia Full Text
110 1 14 Network Media Attention and Green Technology Innovation Long Lingxiao and Fan Yipeng, Sichuan University, China Full Text
111 2 14 Building Reliable Cloud Systems through Chaos Engineering Yolam Zimba, University of Lusaka, Zambia Full Text
112 3 14 Multimodal Course Design and Implementation using LEML and LMS for Instructional Alignment Mathieu K. Kourouma1, Ratana Warren1, Lynette Jackson1, Deidra S. Atkins-Ball1 and Raven Dora2, 1Southern University and A&M College, USA, 2Baton Rouge Community College, USA Full Text
113 3 14 Deep Learning Approach for Event Monitoring System Kummari Vikas, Thipparthi Rajabrahmam, Ponnam Venu and Shanmugasundaram Hariharan, Vardhaman College of Engineering, India Full Text
114 4 14 Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Handling Competing Institutional Logics for DHIS2 Adoption in Ethiopian Public Health Care Context Birkinesh Woldeyohannes1, Mark Gaynor2 and Temtim Assefa1, 1Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 2Saint Louis University, USA Full Text

International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains (IJMVSC)

115 13 1 Smart Logistics and Artificial Intelligence Practices in Industry 4.0 ERA Simon Yuen and H. Wu, College of Professional and Continuing Education The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong, China Full Text
116 13 2 Value Chain Analysis in the Context of Funeral Service: A Research Note Gilles Paché, CERGAM, Aix-Marseille University, France Full Text
117 13 2 Investigation of the Impact of Covid-19 on Freight Volume: A Case of Tanzania - Rwanda Transit Trade Erick P. Massami1 and Stanley N. Pallangyo2, 1National Institute of Transport, Tanzania, 2CMA CGM, Tanzania Full Text
118 13 3 Understanding the Role of Agility and Responsiveness Capabilities in Achieving Supply Chain Performance: The Case of Manufacturing Companies Aziz BARHMI, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco Full Text
119 13 4 Friend-shoring: A Major Turning Point Towards more Sustainable Value Chains? Gilles Paché, Aix-Marseille University, France Full Text
120 13 4 Motor Carrier Regulation and Last Mile Delivery: Have we Come Full-Circle with Carrier Practices? John M. Woosley, Rachelle F. Cope, Robert F. Cope III and David C. Wyld, Southeastern Louisiana University, College of Business, USA Full Text
121 13 4 Managing and Controlling Project Changes in Post Conflict Countries the Case of Liberia Teakon J.WILLIAMS, Cuttington University , Liberia Full Text

International Journal of Managing Public Sector Information and Communication Technologies (IJMPICT)

122 13 1 Public Sector Cloud Computing Adoption and Utilization During Covid-19: An Agenda for Research and Practice Mark Theby, Capitol Technology University, USA Full Text

Health Informatics - An International Journal (HIIJ)

123 11 1 Use of Digital Technologies in Public Health Responses to Tackle Covid-19: the Bangladesh Perspective Samrat Kumar Dey1, Khaleda Mehrin2, Lubana Akter3 and Mshura Akter4, 1Bangladesh Open University (BOU), Bangladesh, 2Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS), Ministry of Education, Bangladesh, 3,4Dhaka International University (DIU), Bangladesh Full Text
124 11 2/3 E-Health Preventing Pediatric Home Accidents Chiraz Bouderbali and Ghalem Belalem, University of Oran, Algeria Full Text
125 11 4 Chinese Pharmacists Law Modification, How to Protect Patients‘ Interests? Longyun Wang, China World Academy Full Text

International Journal on Cybernetics & Informatics (IJCI)

126 11 1/2 International Conference on NLP, Data Mining and Machine Learning (NLDML 2022) March 12~13, 2022, Virtual Conference Full Text
127 11 1/2 Design and Testing Ways for Mechatronic Systems Liviu Mihai Sima, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania Full Text
128 11 3 Some Insights from Alan Turing's Artificial Cognition Research Tunc Guven Kaya, Cognitive Science METU, Turkey Full Text
129 11 4 A Qualitative Approach to the Public Perception of AI Alexander Hick and Martina Ziefle, RWTH Aachen University, Germany Full Text
130 11 4 GesSure: A Robust Face-Authentic Enabled Dynamic Gesture Recognition GUI Application Ankit Jha, Ishita, Pratham G. Shenwai, Ayush Batra, Siddharth Kotian and Piyush Modi, Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE, India Full Text
131 11 4 Introduction of a Novel Anomalous Sound Detection Methodology Xiao Tan and Prof. S M Yiu, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Full Text
132 11 4 ZQBA: A Zero-Query, Boosted Ambush Adversarial Attack on Image Retrieval Aarnav Sawant1 and Tyler Giallanza2, 1Bellarmine College Preparatory, USA, 2Princeton University, USA Full Text
133 11 4 A Systematic Review of Research on the use and Impact of Technology for Learning Chinese Angelina Maksimova, Peking University, China Full Text
134 11 4 Impressions of the Remote Learning: Appropriation of the Technologies Pamela de Bortoli Machado, University of São Paulo, Brazil Full Text
135 11 4 Construction and Application of Project Driven "One Body, Two Wings and Three Stages" Teaching Mode Basedon OBE Concept Hongmei Xing and Zhiwei Xu, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China Full Text
136 11 4 Global Issues in Education and Research Essardi Omar and Ben Hemza Asmaa, Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco Full Text
137 11 4 Exploiting Post-Click Behaviors for Recommender System Hai-bin Zhai, CNCERT/CC Full Text
138 11 4 Hold my Hand Application for Disabilities Rania Aboalela, Shmokh Sebaa, Atheer Almohamadi, Rahaf Almohammadi and Ghozlan alzebali, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
139 11 4 Teleconsultation for Medical Doctors Paul P. Castelltort, Reign Luis S. Oliver, Jarred Bryan A. Opulencia and Jerron Matthew O. Tesoro, FEU Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines Full Text
140 11 4 An Improved Trust-Free Approach for Preserving Privacy in Internet of Things Sangwoo Park, Soowoong Lee and Jooseok Song, Yonsei University, Korea Full Text
141 11 4 A Comparative Study on Three Selective Cloud Providers Rehnuma Tasnim, Afrin Akter Mim, Salman Hasan Mim, Md. Ismail Jabiullah, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh Full Text

International Journal on Integrating Technology in Education (IJITE)

142 11 1 The Potential of Data Collection and Analysis Activities for Preschoolers: A Formative Study with Teachers Ashley E. Lewis Presser, Jessica M. Young, Michelle Cerrone, Lindsay J. Clements and Heather Sherwood, Education Development Center, USA Full Text
143 11 1 Internship Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education Marianne HADDAD-ADAIMI1, Roy ABI ZEID DAOU1, 2 and Yves DUCQ3, 1Lebanese German University, Lebanon,
2MART Learning, Lebanon, 3Univ. Bordeaux, IMS laboratory, France
Full Text
144 11 1 A Multidimensional Artistic Approach to Enhance Understanding of Julia Sets through Computer Programming E. A. Navas-López, University of El Salvador, El Salvador Full Text
145 11 1 A Close Reading and Analysis of the New York State Computer Science Learning Standards Gerald Ardito, Manhattanville College, USA Full Text
146 11 1 Technopreneurship Mobile Application (TMA): A Support Mechanism for Flexible Learning Delivery System Maricris M. Usita and Ronnie Del Rosario, Occidental Mindoro State College, Philippines Full Text
147 11 2 Breakout with Zoom: Mixed-methods Research Examining Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Tim Buttler and Jacob Scheurer, Burman University, Canada Full Text
148 11 2 Analysis and Evaluation of Capture the Flag Challenges in Secure Mobile Application Development Stylianos Karagiannis1, 2, Emmanouil Magkos1, George Chalavazis1 and Maria Nefeli Nikiforos1,
1Ionian University, Greece, 2PDMFC, Portugal
Full Text
149 11 2 Cognitive and Epistemic Spaces in the CSTA Computer Science Learning Standards Gerald Ardito, Manhattanville College, USA Full Text
150 11 2 Effects of Computer-based Simulations Teaching Approach on Chemistry Self-Concept among Mihindo W. Jane1 and Kamonjo W. Florence2, 1Egerton University, Kenya, 2University of Kabianga, Kenya Full Text
151 11 2 Learner Centered Network Models: A Survey Victor Obionwu, Andreas Nurnberger, Anja Hawlitschek, Gunter Saake, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany Full Text
152 11 2 Knowledge and Perceptions of Students Regarding their Teachers' ICT Integration in Secondary Schools in Benin Raphael R. KELANI, Teacher Trqining School of Natitingou, UNSTIM, Benin Full Text
153 11 2 Designing an Musical Educational Software Combining Traditional Music-Pedagogical Methods and Emerging Technologies: The Case of Synth4Kids Yannis Mygdanis, European University Cyprus, Cyprus Full Text
154 11 3 Open Educational Resources for Online Language Teacher Training: Conceptual Frameworkand Practical Implementation Francesca Nicora, Oriana Bologna, Laura McLoughlin, University of Galway, Ireland Full Text
155 11 3 Creating Computer Confidence : An Investigation into Current Privacy and Security Concerns of the Senior Demographic Caroline Hillier, University of Guelph, Canada Full Text
156 11 3 Exploring the Potential use of Game Walkthrough in Education: Comparison of Various Forms of Serious Games Xiaohan Feng1 and Makoto Murakami2, 1Toyo University, Japan, 2Toyo University, Japan Full Text
157 11 4 Teaching Strategies based on Generational Teacher Cohorts Jessica Ramirez, Ginia Montes de Oca and Carmen Caraballo, Dominican Institute for Educational Quality Evaluation and Research, IDEICE, Dominican Republic Full Text
158 11 4 The use of Social Infrastructure in Online Adult Education: Theory and Application Susan E. Baer1 and George R. Larkin2, 1The University of Kansas, USA, 2Walden University, USA Full Text

International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC)

159 14 1 A Novel Routing Strategy Towards Achieving Ultra-Low End-to-End Latency in 6G Networks Satya R. Das1, Sayan Sen Sarma2, Mitrabinda Khuntia1, Indranil Roy3, Koushik Sinha3 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India, 2University of Calcutta, India, 3Southern Illinois University, USA Full Text
160 14 1 ITA: The Improved Throttled Algorithm of Load Balancing on Cloud Computing Hieu N. Le and Hung C. Tran, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam Full Text
161 14 1 Performance Analysis of Energy Optimized LTE-V2X Networks for Delay Sensitive Real-Time Services Palash Kundu, Atunu Sarkar and Bhaskar Sardar, Jadavpur University, India Full Text
162 14 1 A Combination of the Intrusion Detection System and the Open-source Firewall using Python Language Tuan Nguyen Kim1, Tam Nguyen Tri2, Lam Tran Nguyen2 and Duy Thai Truong2, 1Duy Tan University, Vietnam,2Danang ICT Infrastructure Development Center, Vietnam Full Text
163 14 1 Adaptive Sensor Sensing Range to Maximise Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network Almamoon Naife Alauthman, Wan Nor Shuhadah Wan Nik, Nor Aida Mahiddin, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia Full Text
164 14 1 Adaptive Random Spatial based Channel Estimation (ARSCE) for Millimeter Wave MIMO System Rajkumar M Vadgave1, Manjula S2 and T S Vishwanath3, 1Veerappa Nisty Engineering College, India, 2Lingaraj Appa Engineering College, India, 3Bheemanna Khandre Institute of Technology, India Full Text
165 14 1 An Efficient Intrusion Detection System with Custom Features using FPA-Gradient Boost Machine Learning Algorithm D.V. Jeyanthi1 and B. Indrani2, 1Sourashtra College, India, 2DDE, Madurai Kamaraj University, India Full Text
166 14 1 On The Performance of Intrusion Detection Systems with Hidden Multilayer Neural Network using DSD Training Trong Thua Huynh, Hoang Thanh Nguyen, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Vietnam Full Text
167 14 2 Performance Evaluation of Different Raspberry Pi Models as MQTT Servers and Clients Trent N. Ford, Eric Gamess and Christopher Ogden, Jacksonville State University, USA Full Text
168 14 2 FLOC: Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Set Analysis in Energy Harvesting Opportunistic Clustering Using Relative Thermal Entropy and RF Energy Transfer Junaid Anees and Hao-Chun Zhang, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Full Text
169 14 2 Performance Analysis of MITA Interleaver on Hybrid Systems using Diversity Priyanka Agarwal1 and Manoj K Shukla2, 1Harcourt Butler Technical University, India, 2REC Kannauj, India Full Text
170 14 2 A High Performance Hybrid Two Dimensional Spectral/Spatial NZCC/MD Code for SAC-OCDMA Systems with SDD Detection Berber Redouane1, Bouasria Fatima1, Chetioui Mohammed1,2, Damou Mehdi1 and Boudkhi1 Abdelhakim1,21Dr. Moulay Tahar University of Saida, Algeria, 2Abu-Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Algeria Full Text
171 14 2 Cognitive Radio Resource Scheduling using Multi-Agent Q-Learning for LTE Najem N. Sirhan and Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA Full Text
172 14 2 A Proposed Fuzzy Logic Approach for Conserving the Energy of Data Transmission in the Temperature Monitoring Systems of the Internet of Things Noha Elqeblawy, Ammar Mohammed and Hesham A.Hefny, Cairo University, Egypt Full Text
173 14 2 Constructing New Collective Signature Schemes Base on Two Hard Problems Factoring and Discrete Logarithm Tuan Nguyen Kim1, Nguyen Tran Truong Thien1, Duy Ho Ngoc2 and Nikolay A. Moldovyan3, 1Duy Tan University, Vietnam 2Department of Information Technology, Vietnam, 3SPIIRAS, Russia Full Text
174 14 2 Energy Harvesting Rectenna Design for Enhanced Node Lifetime In WSNs Prakash K Sonwalkar1, 2 and Vijay Kalmani2, 1VTU, India, 2Jain College of Engineering, India Full Text
175 14 3 A New Security Boundary of Component Differentially Challenged XOR Pufs Against Machine Learning Modeling Attacks Gaoxiang Li1, Khalid T. Mursi2, Ahmad O. Aseeri3, Mohammed S. Alkatheiri2 and Yu Zhuang1, 1Texas Tech University, USA 2University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 3Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
176 14 3 AODVMO: A Security Routing Protocol using One-Time Password Authentication Mechanism based on Mobile Agent Huy D. Le1, Ngoc T. Luong2 and Tam V. Nguyen3, 1Ha Noi University of Business and Technology, Viet Nam,2Dong Thap University, Viet Nam, 3Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Viet Nam Full Text
177 14 3 Cluster Based Routing using Energy and Distance Aware Multi-Objective Golden Eagle Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network Gundeboyina Srinivasalu1 and Hanumanthappa Umadevi2, 1Cambridge Institute of Technology, India 2Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India Full Text
178 14 3 A Class-based Adaptive QoS Control Scheme Adopting Optimization Technique over WLAN SDN Architecture Pacharakit Vanitchasatit and Teerapat Sanguankotchakorn, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Full Text
179 14 3 Constellation Shared Multiple Access - A Noma Scheme for Increased User Capacity in 5G MMTC Kiran V. Shanbhag1 and Savitha H. M.2, 1Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management, India 2St Joseph Engineering College, India Full Text
180 14 3 Probabilistic based Optimal Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Souparnika Jadhav and Nagesh K. N, Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology, India Full Text
181 14 3 Advanced Service Data Provisioning for Real-Time Management of Ongoing Cellular Communication Networks Mikhail E. Belkin1, Leonid Zhukov1, Alexander S. Sigov1 and Mikhail G. Vasil’ev2, 1Russian Technological University MIREA, Russia, 2Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the RAS, Russia Full Text
182 14 3 A New Approach to Improve the Performance of OFDM Signal for 6G Communication Usha S.M1 and Mahesh H.B2, 1Visveswaraya Technological University, India, 2PES University, India Full Text
183 14 4 Cross Layering using Reinforcement Learning in Cognitive Radio-based Industrial Internet of Ad-hoc Sensor Network Chetna Singhal and Thanikaiselvan V, VIT Vellore, India Full Text
184 14 4 F-802.11P: A Fuzzy Enhancement for IEEE 802.11P in Vehicle-to-Everything Communications Hamdy A.M. Sayedahmed1, Emadeldin M. Elgamal1,1 and Hesham A. Hefny1, 1Cairo University, Egypt, 1Tarleton State University, USA Full Text
185 14 4 Design and Analysis of MIMO Patch Antenna for 5G Wireless Communication Systems Pallavi H. V1, A P Jagadeesh Chandra2 and Paramesha3, 1Government Engineering College, Haasan, India, 2Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, India, 3Central University of Karnataka, India Full Text
186 14 4 Energy Aware Talented Clustering with Compressive Sensing (TCCS) for Wireless Sensor Networks Bejjam Komuraiah and M.S. Anuradha, AU College of Engineering (A), India Full Text
187 14 4 Cross Layer based Congestion Free Route Selection in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Rashmi Patil1 and Rekha Patil2, 1Sharnbasva University, India,2PDA college of Engineering, India Full Text
188 14 4 Developing Algorithms for Image Steganography and Increasing the Capacity Depending on Choosing the Best Pixels Mayar khaled and Ahmed H. Abu El-Atta, Benha University, Egypt Full Text
189 14 4 Innovative Low-Cost Perimeter Security Gadget With In-built Mechanism to Ensure Confidentiality, Authenticity and Non-Repudiation Ritesh Mukherjee1, Anirban Goswami2, Soumit Chowdhury3 and Nabin Ghoshal4, 1Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India, 2Techno Main Salt Lake, India, 3Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, India, 4University of Kalyani, India Full Text
190 14 4 An Efficient Machine Learning Optimization Model for Route Establishment Mechanism in IoT Environment Kishore Golla and S. PallamSetty, Andhra University, India Full Text
191 14 5 Mobility and Routing based Channel Estimation for Hybrid Millimeter-Wave MIMO WSNs Geeta and A.M. Bhavikatti, Bheemanna Khandre Institute of Technology, India Full Text
192 14 5 Performance Improvement for the Single Carrier in FBMC Systems by PAPR Reduction Mohammed A. Salem1, Mohamed A. Aboul-Dahab2, Sherine M. Abd El-kader3 and Radwa A. Roshdy1,1Higher Technological Institute, Tenth of Ramadan city, Egypt, 2Arab Academy for Science & Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt, 3Electronics Research Institute, Egypt Full Text
193 14 5 Hybrid Red Deer Algorithm with Physical Unclonable Function for Security Enhancement in IoT-WSN Shilpa Venkata Rao and Vidya Anantha, Vivekananda Institute of Technology, India Full Text
194 14 5 Controlling Adaptive Contention Window to Improve Safe Message Received Rate in VANET Nguyen Hoang Chien1 and Pham Thanh Giang2, 1University of Economics – Technology for Industries, Vietnam,2Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam Full Text
195 14 5 Particle Swarm Optimization–Long Short-Term Memory based Channel Estimation with Hybrid Beam Forming Power Transfer in WSN-IoT Applications Reginald Jude Sixtus J and Tamilarasi Muthu, Puducherry Technological University, India Full Text
196 14 5 Multi-Layer Digital Validation of Candidate Service Appointment with Digital Signature and Bio-Metric Authentication Approach Saikat Bose1, Tripti Arjariya1, Anirban Goswami2, Soumit Chowdhury3, 1Bhabha University, India, 2Techno Main Salt Lake, Sec – V, India, 3Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, India Full Text
197 14 5 Controller Placement Problem Resiliency Evaluation in SDN-based Architectures Maurizio D’Arienzo1, Manfredi Napolitano1 and Simon Pietro Romano2, 1Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche Universita della Campania ”L.Vanvitelli”, Italy,2DIETI Universita di Napoli ”Federico II”, Italy Full Text
198 14 5 Weighted Coefficient Firefly Optimization Algorithm and Support Vector Machine for Trust Model and Link Reliability Shalini Sharma and Syed Zeeshan Hussain, Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi, India Full Text
199 14 6 Machine Learning based Frame Size Optimization in WLAN Downlink MU-MIMO Channel with the Least Cost of Delay Lemlem Kassa1, Jianhua Deng1, Mark Davis2 and Jingye Cai1, 1University of Electronic Science and Technology China (UESTC) China, 2Communication Network Research Institute (CNRI), Technological University Dublin, Ireland Full Text
200 14 6 Improvements for Uplink Long Term Evolution (UL-LTE) in Heterogeneous Network using Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Technique Nurzati Iwani Othman1, Ahmad Fadzil Ismail1, Khairayu Badron1, Wahidah Hashim2 and Sofia Pinardi3, 1International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia, 2Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kajang, Malaysia, 3Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka Indonesia Full Text
201 14 6 WS-OLSR: Multipoint Relay Selection in VANET Networks using a Wingsuit Flying Search Algorithm Waleed Khalid Ahmed1, MohdNazri bin Mohd Warip1, Waleed Khalid Abduljabbar2 and Mohamed Elshaikh1 1University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Malaysia, 2College of Administration and Economics University of Fallujah, Iraq Full Text
202 14 6 RTL-DL: A Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for DDoS Attack Detection in a Big Data Environment Hassan A Afolabi and Abdurazzag A Aburas, University of Kwazulu-Natal South Africa Full Text
203 14 5 Efficient Scrambling-Substitution Image Security Scheme using Chaotic Arnold-Logistic Maps in the Discrete Cosine Transform Mohammed A. AlZain, Taif University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
204 14 6 Web Attack Prediction using Stepwise Conditional Parameter Tuning in Machine Learning Algorithms with Usage Data S. Meena1 and Dr. A. Pethalakshmi2, 1Mother Teresa Women’s University, India, 2Alagappa Government Arts College, India Full Text
205 14 6 Twin-Node Neighbour Attack on AODV based Wireless Ad Hoc Network Alok Singh, Saurabh Sharma and Rajneesh Kumar Srivastava, University of Allahabad, India Full Text
206 14 6 Blockchain-based Security Mechanisms for Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) JAMAL Elhachmi and ABDELLATIF Kobbane, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco Full Text

International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks (IJWMN)

207 14 1 A Proactive Greedy Routing Protocol Precludes Sink-Hole Formation in Wireless Sensor Networks Mayada S. A. Mustafa1, Borhanuddin M Ali2, MFA Rasid 2, Shaiful J. Hashim2, I. A. Saeed3, 1Future University, Sudan, 2Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 3Prince Sattam Bin Abdalaziz University, Saudia Arabia Full Text
208 14 2 LTE Cellular Networks Packet Scheduling Algorithms in Downlink and Uplink Transmission: A Survey Najem N. Sirhan and Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA Full Text
209 14 2 A Novel Spatio-Temporal Data Redundancy Elimination Approach for RFID Systems with Multiple Readers Lucy Dash1, Sayan Sen Sarma2, Koushik Sinha3 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India, 2University of Calcutta, India, 3Southern Illinois University, USA Full Text
210 14 2 Vehicle Collision Detection & Prevention using VANET Based IoT With V2V Shafin Talukder, SK. Tasnim Bari Ira, Aseya Khanom, Prantika Biswas Sneha and Wardah Saleh, American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB), Bangladesh Full Text
211 14 2 RANSlicing: Towards Multi-Tenancy in 5G Radio Access Networks Wardah Saleh and Shahrin Chowdhury, American International University, Bangladesh Full Text
212 14 3 Investigating Wireless and Internet of Things Technologies Security Threats and Attacks Mathieu K. Kourouma, Ratana P. Warren, Deidra S. Atkins-Ball, Lynette Jackson, Nigel Gwee, Sudhir K. Trivedi, and Tania Breaux, Southern University and A&M College, USA Full Text
213 14 3 The Dynamics of the Ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) and Trailblazing Data Mining (DM) Bongs Lainjo, Cybermatic International, Canada Full Text
214 14 3 KPI Deployment for Enhanced Rice Production in a Geo-Location Environment using a Wireless Sensor Network Oyibo Uchechukwu Moses and Nosiri Onyebuchi Chikezie, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria Full Text
215 14 3 State-of-the-Art Strategies and Research Challenges in Wireless Communication for Building Smart Systems Mitrabinda Khuntia1, Satya Ranjan Das1, Koushik Sinha2 and Bhabani P. Sinha1, 1SOA University, India 2Southern Illinois University, USA Full Text
216 14 3 Energy Efficient Optimum Sampling Rate for Analogue Signals with Extremely Wide Bandwidth using Compressive Sensing Sylvester Ajah, Ifenyiwa, E. Achumba, Nkwachukwu Chukwuchekwa, Nosiri Onyebuchi, Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Nigeria Full Text
217 14 4 QoS-based Packet Scheduling Algorithms for Heterogeneous LTE-Advanced Networks: Concepts and a Literature Survey Najem N. Sirhan, Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA Full Text
218 14 4 Transmission Power and Quality of Service In MANET Routing Protocols Ratna R. Sarkar and Mohammad Zahidur Rahman, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh Full Text
219 14 4 Prototyping a Serial Number based Authentication Model for a Computer in a Wireless Local Area Network John C. Chebor, Simon M. Karume, Nelson B. Masese and Andrew Kipkebut, Kabarak University, Kenya Full Text
220 14 4 Radio Resource Management for Eicic, Comp, Relaying and Back-hauls Techniques in LTE-advanced Networks: Concepts and a Literature Survey Najem N. Sirhan and Manel Martinez-Ramon, University of New Mexico, USA Full Text
221 14 4 A Modified IEEE 802.15.6 Mac Scheme to Enhance Performance of Wireless Body Area Networks in E-Health Applications Md. Abubakar Siddik, Most. Anju Ara Hasi, Jakia Akter Nitu, Sumonto Sarker, Nasrin Sultana and Emarn Ali, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh Full Text
222 14 5 Signal Detection in MIMO Communications System with Non-Gaussian Noises based on Deep Learning and Maximum Correntropy Criterion Mohammad Reza pourmir, Reza Monsefi and Ghosheh Abed Hodtani, Computer Department, Engineering Faculty Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), Iran Full Text
223 14 6 Geocast Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey Ritesh Yaduwanshi, Reena Kasana and Sushil Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India Full Text
224 14 6 Laboratory Analysis on the Performance of 5G NSA Communication in a Suburban Scenario Bruno S. da Silva and Iury da S. Batalha, Sidia Institute of Science and Technology, Brazil Full Text

International Journal of Distributed and Parallel systems (IJDPS)

225 13 1 Study on Emerging Applications on Data Plane and Optimization Possibilities Gereltsetseg Altangerel and Tejfel Máté, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Full Text
226 13 1 Performance Evaluation of Big Data Processing of Cloak-Reduce Mamadou Diarra and Telesphore B. Tiendrebeogo, Nazi Boni University, Burkina Faso Full Text
227 13 2/3/4/5 A Practical Analysis Report of Rip, EIGRP, And an OSPF Dynamic Routing Protocol using the Network Simulator Tool GNS-3 Abrar Naeem Shah and Sandeep Kang, Chandigarh University, India Full Text

International Journal on AdHoc Networking Systems (IJANS)

228 12 1/2/3 PAPR Reduction and Bit Error Rate Evaluation in OFDM System using Hybrid Techniques Md. Dulal Haque, Md. Milon Rana and Tajkuruna Akter Tithy, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh Full Text
229 12 4 PAPR Reduction Techniques and Their BIT Error Rate Measurement at OFDM in LTE System Md. Milon Rana1, Tajkuruna Akter Tithy1, Nefaur Rahman1 and Md.Mehedi Hasan2, 1Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, 2World University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Full Text
230 12 4 Uncovering Fake News by Means of Social Network Analysis Prashant Kumar Shrivastava1, Mayank Sharma2, Megha Kamble1, Vaibhav Gore4 and Avenash Kumar3, 1Lakshmi Narain College of Technology Excellence, India, 2ITM university Gwalior, India, 3Govt. Engineering college, India Full Text
231 12 4 Sensor Signal Processing using High-Level Synthesis and Internet of Things with a Layered Architecture CS Reddy1 and Krishna Anand2, 1VTU University, India, 2Anurag University, India Full Text

The International Journal of Ambient Systems and Applications (IJASA)

232 10 1/2/3 Smart Sound System Applied for the Extensive Care of People with Hearing Impairment Smitha S Maganti, Sahana S, Kriti K, Shravanthi Madhugiri and Priya S, BNMIT, India Full Text
233 10 4 Design of a Miniature Rectangular Patch Antenna for KU Band Applications Md. Masum Mia, Md. Shaharul Islam, Md. Firoz Ahmed, Md. Hasnat Kabir, Md. Ashraful Islam and Md. Matiqul Islam, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh Full Text
234 10 4 A Conceptual Framework of a Detective Model for Social Bot Classification Emmanue1 Etuh1,2, George E. Okereke1, Deborah U. Ebem1 and Francis S. Bakpo1,1University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria, 2Kwararafa University, Nigeria Full Text

International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA)

235 13 1 Hybrid Practices in Global Software Development: A Systematic Literature Review Rafael Camara, Iury Monte, Annelyelthon Alves and Marcelo Marinho, Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, Brazil Full Text
236 13 1 Study on Technical Focuses and Sampling Coverage Strategy of Airborne Software Reviews Jinghua Sun1, Samue1 Edwards2, Nic Connelly3, Andrew Bridge4 and Lei Zhang1, 1COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, China, 2Defence Aviation Safety Authority, Australia, 3RMIT University, Australia, 4European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Germany Full Text
237 13 2 Determining the Risky Software Projects using Artificial Neural Networks Etkin Sakucoglu1, Laman Valizada1, Ayse Buharali Olcaysoy2 and Oya Kalipsiz1, 1Yildiz Technical University, Turkey, 2Strategy and Transformation Department, LC Waikiki, Turkey Full Text
238 13 2 Enhanced Software Design for Boosted Continuous Software Delivery Ning Luo and Yue Xiong, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd, China Full Text
239 13 3 Software Build Automation Tools a Comparative Study between Maven, Gradle, Bazel and Ant Mridula Prakash, Department of Chief Technology Officer, L&T Technology Services, India Full Text
240 13 3 Inherent Quality Metrics for Continuous Software Quality Enhancement Ning Luo and Linlin Zhang, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd, China Full Text
241 13 3 A Systematic Literature Review on Security Indicators for Open-Source Enterprise Resource Planning Software Jane Wanjiru Njuki, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha and John Gichuki Ndia, Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya Full Text
242 13 3 Devops Adoption in Information Systems Projects; A Systematic Literature Review J. A. V. M. K. Jayakody1, 2 and W. M. J. I. Wijayanayake2, 1Faculty of Applied Sciences Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka, 2University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka Full Text
243 13 3 Complexity Metrics for Statechart Diagrams Ann Wambui King’ori1, 2, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha1 and Elyjoy Muthoni Micheni3, 1Murang’a University, Kenya, 2Nkabune Technical Training Institute, Kenya, 3Technical University of Kenya Full Text
244 13 4 Federated Learning for Privacy-Preserving: A Review of PII Data Analysis in Fintech Bibhu Dash, Pawankumar Sharma and Azad Ali, University of the Cumberlands, USA Full Text
245 13 4 Smart ULT Management for Ultra-Large-Scale Software Ning Luo and Linlin Zhang, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd, China Full Text
246 13 5 Effect of Sociability and Curiosity of Senior Developers in Building Agile Scrum Team Competency Ravi Kalluri, Old Dominion University, USA Full Text
247 13 5 Threats and Opportunities with AI-based Cyber Security Intrusion Detection: A Review Bibhu Dash, Meraj Farheen Ansari, Pawankumar Sharma and Azad Ali, University of the Cumberlands, USA Full Text
248 13 5 DOOML: A New Database & Object-Oriented Modeling Language for Database-Driven Web Application Design and Development Thijs Otter, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Full Text
249 13 6 From the Art of Software Testing to Test-as-a-Service in Cloud Computing Janete Amaral, Alberto S. Lima, José Neuman de Souza, Lincoln S. Rocha, MDCC, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza/CE – Brasil Full Text
250 13 6 Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Automation of Digital Health System Mehmood Ali Mohammed1, Murtuza Ali Mohammed2 and Vazeer Ali Mohammed2,1University of the Cumberlands, USA, 2Lewis University, USA Full Text
251 13 6 An Improved Repository Structure to Identify, Select and Integrate Components in Component-based Development Muhammad Khamis Dauda, Reda M Salama and Rizwan Qureshi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Full Text

International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA)

252 14 1 A Robust Cybersecurity Topic Classification Tool Elijah Pelofske1, Lorie M. Liebrock1 and Vincent Urias2, 1New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA, 2Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, USA Full Text
253 14 1 Enablers to Boost Blockchain Adoption in EU Artemis Voulkidis1, Theodore Zahariadis1, 2, Andreas Papadakis3 and Charalambos Ipektsidis4, 1Synelixis SA, Greece, 2National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 3School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE), Greece, 4Intrasoft International SA, Luxembourg Full Text
254 14 1 Offline Signature Recognition via Convolutional Neural Network and Multiple Classifiers Fadi Mohammad Alsuhimat and Fatma Susilawati Mohamad, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia Full Text
255 14 1 A Secure DNA Cryptosystem based on Steganography and Indexing Cipher Tamer Barakat1, Nahed Mahmoud1, Ihab. A. Ali2 and Mohamed Hamdi1, 1Fayoum University, Egypt, 2Helwan University, Egypt Full Text
256 14 2 An Efficient Secure Cryptography Scheme for New ML-based RPL Routing Protocol in Mobile IoT Environment Kishore Golla and S. PallamSetty, Andhra University, India Full Text
257 14 2 The Effectiveness of Applying Different Strategies on Recognition and Recall Textual Password Hassan Wasfi and Richard Stone, Iowa State University, USA Full Text
258 14 2 Hybridized Model for Data Security Based on Security Hash Analysis (SHA 512) and Salting Techniques Felix Aranuwa1, Ford Olubodun2 and David Akinwumi1, 1Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria, 2Auchi Polytechnic, Nigeria Full Text
259 14 3 An Evaluation of Security in Blockchain-based Sharing of Student Records in Higher Education Timothy Arndt1, Angela Guercio2 and Younghun Chae2, 1Cleveland State University, USA, 2Kent State University at Stark, USA Full Text
260 14 3 Detecting Malware in Portable Executable Files using Machine Learning Approach Tuan Nguyen Kim1, Ha Nguyen Hoang2 and Nguyen Tran Truong Thien1, 1Duy Tan University, Vietnam, 2University of Sciences, Hue University, Vietnam Full Text
261 14 3 Blockchain Security : Enhanced Control Evaluation Approach to Protect Organizations’ Accounting Information Angel R. Otero, Florida Institute of Technology, USA Full Text
262 14 3 Cyber Security of Smart Watches : A Review of the Vulnerabilities with Recommendations Presented to Protect the Wearables Aaron James Webb, Macquarie University, Australia Full Text
263 14 3 Context-Aware Security Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Computing Cláudio Aroucha and Higo Felipe Pires, Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil Full Text
264 14 4 An Efficient Deep Learning Approach for Network Intrusion Detection System on Software Defined Network Mhmood Radhi Hadi and Adnan Saher Mohammed, Karabuk University, Turkey Full Text
265 14 4 Reputation-Based Consensus for Blockchain Technology in Smart Grid Lanqin Sang, Henry Hexmoor, Southern Illinois University, USA Full Text
266 14 4 Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection and Prevention Model for IoT based Computing Environment using Ensemble Machine Learning Approach Nicholas Oluwole Ogini1, Wilfred Adigwe2 and Noah Oghenefego Ogwara3, 1Delta State University, Nigeria, 2Delta State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria, 3Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Full Text
267 14 5 Encryption Modes Identification of Block Ciphers based on Machine Learning Ruiqi Xia1, Manman Li2 and Shaozhen Chen2, 1Information Engineering University, China, 2State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advanced Computing, Kexue Avenue, China Full Text
268 14 5 A Comprehensive Survey of Phishing Attacks and Defences: Human Factors, Training and the Role of Emotions Mousa Jari, Newcastle University, UK & King Saud University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
269 14 5 Survey of United States Related Domains: Secure Network Protocol Analysis DeJean Dunbar, Patrick Hill, and Yu-Ju Lin, Charleston Southern University, USA Full Text
270 14 5 Future Ready Banking with Smart Contracts - CBDC and Impact on the Indian Economy Bibhu Dash1, Meraj F. Ansari1, Pawankumar Sharma1 and Swati Swayam siddha2, 1School of Computer and Information Sciences, USA, 2KIIT University, India Full Text
271 14 5 An Extended Security Measurement Framework for Open-Source Enterprise Resource Planning Software Security Jane Wanjiru Njuki, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha and John Gichuki Ndia, Murang’a University of Technology, Kenya Full Text
272 14 6 Turning the Disruptive Power of Blockchain in the Insurance Market into Innovative Opportunities Wadnerson Boileau, University of South Florida (USF), USA Full Text
273 14 6 A Resource-Efficient Collaborative System for DDOS Attack Detection and Victim Identification Fei Wang, Zhenxing Li and Xiaofeng Wang, National University of Defense Technology, China Full Text
274 14 6 A Framework for the Detection of Banking Trojans in Android Subarna Adhikari, Sushil Nepal and Rabindra Bista, Kathmandu University, Nepal Full Text

International Journal of Security, Privacy and Trust Management (IJSPTM)

275 11 1/2 Enhanced Fuzzing System for Proactive Security Gap Exposure Linlin Zhang and Ning Luo, Visual Computing Group, Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd, China Full Text
276 11 3 Technical Analysis on the Cyber Organizational Criminology of Dictatorial Military Conducts -- Experience from Human Trafficking and Coercions by Military Cyber Aggressions Yang Pachankis, Universal Life Church, USA Full Text

International Journal of Database Management Systems (IJDMS)

277 14 1/2 Performance Comparison between Pytorch and Mindspore Xiangyu XIA and Shaoxiang ZHOU, Beijing City University, China Full Text
278 14 3/4/5 Performance Study of Time Series Databases Bonil Shah, P. M. Jat and Kalyan Sasidhar, DAIICT, India Full Text
279 14 6 Active Learning Entropy Sampling based Clustering Optimization Method for Electricity Data Wang Qingnan and Zhang Zhaogong, Heilongjiang University, China Full Text

International Journal of Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process (IJDKP)

280 12 1 Process Engineering and AI Sales Prediction: The Case Study of an Italian Small Textile Company Nicola Magaletti1, Gabriele Cosoli1, Angelo Leogrande1 and Alessandro Massaro1,2,*, 1LUM Enterprise srl, Italy,2LUM - Libera Università Mediterranea "Giuseppe Degennaro", Italy Full Text
281 12 2 Mining Techniques for Streaming Data ManaL Mansour and Manal Abdullah, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
282 12 3 Referring Expressions with Rational Speech Act Framework: A Probabilistic Approach Hieu Le1, Taufiq Daryanto2, Fabian Zhafransyah2, Derry Wijaya1, Elizabeth Coppock1 and Sang Chin1, 1Boston University, USA, 2Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia Full Text
283 12 3 Enabling Supply Chains by Adopting Blockchain Technology Atul Anand1, A Seetharaman2 and K Maddulety1, 1SP Jain School of Global Management- Mumbai, India, 2SP Jain School of Global Management- Singapore Full Text
284 12 4 Data integration in a Hadoop-based data lake: A bioinformatics case Julia Colleoni Couto, Olimar Teixeira Borges and Duncan Dubugras Ruiz, PUCRS University, Brazil Full Text
285 12 4 Analyzing the Effects of Different Policies and Strictness Levels on Monthly Corona Virus Case Increase Rates using Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis Charline Chen1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA Full Text
286 12 5/6 Linking Early Detection/Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease using Deep Learning Techniques Sarah Fan1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA Full Text

International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications (IJMA)

287 14 1 Measuring Sustainable Development Education for Information Technology Education Program Review using Staunch© Criteria Instrument Martin Shafiihuna Haufiku and Maizatul Hayati Mohamad Yatim, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia Full Text
288 14 1 The Results of The Blended Learning Activities Course of Innovation and Information Technology for Communication and Learning Thanatcha Rattanaphant and Senawee Roekmongkol, Rajabhat Nakhon Si Thammarat University, Thailand Full Text
289 14 1 Educational Videos for Learning Digital Illustration Concept for University Student for Communication and Learning Nor Zuhaidah Mohamed Zain, Nadia Akma Ahmad Zaki and Ummu Husna Azizan, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia Full Text
290 14 2 An Evaluation of the use of Audio Guidance in Augmented Reality Systems Implemented at Sites of Cultural Heritage Thanatcha Rattanaphant and Senawee Roekmongkol, Rajabhat Nakhon Si Thammarat University, Thailand Full Text
291 14 2 The Development of a Blended Learning Management Model with Synectics Teaching and out-of-the-box Thinking Techniques to Foster Creativity Senawee Roekmongkol and Thanatcha Rattanaphant, Faculty of Education Rajabhat Nakhon Si Thammarat University, Thailand Full Text
292 14 2 M2M: Universally Designed Multimedia Training and Learning Application for Maternal Health Bisrat Betru and George Anthony Giannoumis, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway Full Text
293 14 3 A Conceptual Frame Work Supporting Obesity Awareness in Serious Game Noor Izdhora Mohd Bazid, Suzana Ahmad and Norizan Mat Diah, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia Full Text
294 14 4 Deliverable of Youtube Platform as a Commercial Health Awareness Communication to Malaysian Traveler Norasikin binti Alimom, Liyana binti Mohd Ramly and Nurul Atiqah binti Mohd Azlan, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia Full Text
295 14 5 GPCR Protein Feature Representation using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithm Nor Ashikin Mohamad Kamal1, Azuraliza Abu Bakar2 and Suhaila Zainudin2, 1Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia, 2Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia Full Text
296 14 6 Thematic Analysis of the Lyrics of Five Extant Pansoris Hwihyun You1 and Austin Kang2, 1Sangmyung University, Korea and 2Seoul National University, Korea Full Text

International Journal of Computer Graphics & Animation (IJCGA)

297 12 1/2/3 Giving a Voice to Minority: Practical Exploration of Ethnographic Animation Yijing Wang and Yin Zhang, Beihang University, China Full Text

International Journal of Web & Semantic Technology (IJWesT)

298 13 1 An Intersemiotic Translation of Normative Utterances to Machine Language Andrea Addis1and Olimpia Giuliana Loddo2, 1Infora, viale Elmas, Cagliari, Italy, 2University of Cagliari, Italy Full Text
299 13 2 A Statistical Model for Morphology Inspired by the Amis Language Isabelle Bril1, Achraf Lassoued2 and Michel de Rougemont3, 1Lacito-CNRS, 2University Paris II, 3University of Paris II and IRIF-CNRS Full Text
300 13 3 Covid-19 Vaccination Classification of Opinion Mining with Semantic Knowledge-based Decision Making Nikhila Polkampally, D. Rakesh Kumar, G. Soma Sekhar and Mettu Karuna Sri Reddy, Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology, India Full Text
301 13 4 Accessibility Evaluation on Ethiopian and South African Airlines Website and Mobile Applications Bisrat Betru1 and Uchenna Kelechi Ogbonna2, 1Kesed IT Solutions, Ethiopia, 2Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway Full Text

International Journal on Cloud Computing: Services and Architecture (IJCCSA)

302 12 1 Selecting Trustworthy Clients in the Cloud Imen Bouabdallah1 and Hakima Mellah2, 1USTHB, Algeria, 2CERIST, Algeria Full Text
303 12 2/3/4/5/6 Analysis of the Comparison of Selective Cloud Vendors Services Rehnuma Tasnim, Afrin Akter Mim, Salman Hasan Mim, Md. Ismail Jabiullah, Daffodil International University, Bangladesh Full Text

International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA)

304 13 1 Deep-Learning-based Human Intention Prediction with Data Augmentation Shengchao Li1, Lin Zhang2 and Xiumin Diao3, 1Arrow Electronics, USA, 2University of Central Arkansas, USA, 3Purdue University, USA Full Text
305 13 1 Movie Success Prediction and Performance Comparison using Various Statistical Approaches Manav Agarwal, Shreya Venugopal, Rishab Kashyap and R Bharathi, PES University, India Full Text
306 13 1 Predictive Maintenance and Engineered Processes in Mechatronic Industry: An Italian Case Study Alessandro Massaro1,2,*, Gabriele Cosoli1, Angelo Leogrande1 and Nicola Magaletti1, 1LUM Enterprise srl, Italy, 2LUM - Libera Università Mediterranea "Giuseppe Degennaro", Italy Full Text
307 13 1 Data Augmentation Techniques and Transfer Learning Approaches Applied to Facial Expressions Recognition Systems Enrico Randellini, Leonardo Rigutini and Claudio Saccà, QuestIT Research Lab, Italy Full Text
308 13 1 Mitigation Techniques to Overcome Data Harm in Model Building for ML Ayse Arslan, Oxford Alumni of Northern California, USA Full Text
309 13 1 Reviewing Process Mining Applications and Techniques in Education Athanasios Sypsas and Dimitris Kalles, Hellenic Open University, Greece Full Text
310 13 1 Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Modeling of a 3G Mobile Phone Base Radio Eduardo Calo1, 5, Gabriel Vaca1, Cristina Sánchez2, David Jines3, Giovanny Amancha3, Ángel Flores3, Alex Santana G3 and Fernanda Oñate4, 1Carrera Electricidad, Instituto Superior Tecnológico Tungurahua, Ecuador, 2Carrera Mecánica Automotriz, Instituto Superior Tecnológico Tungurahua, Ecuador, 3Carrera Electrónica, Instituto Superior Tecnológico Tungurahua, Ecuador, 4Instituto Superior Tecnológico Pelileo-Baños, Ecuador, 5UNIR, España Full Text
311 13 2 COVFILTER: A Low-cost Portable Device for the Prediction of Covid-19 for Resource-Constrained Rural Communities Sajedul Talukder1 and Faruk Hossen2, 1Southern Illinois University, USA, 2Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Bangladesh Full Text
312 13 2 Forged Character Detection Datasets: Passports, Driving Licences and Visa Stickers Teerath Kumar1, Muhammad Turab2, Shahnawaz Talpur2, Rob Brennan1 and Malika Bendechache1, 1Dublin City University, Ireland, 2Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan Full Text
313 13 2 Diagnosis of Obesity Level based on Bagging Ensemble Classifier and Feature Selection Methods Asaad Alzayed, Waheeda Almayyan and Ahmed Al-Hunaiyyan, Collage of Business Studies, PAAET, Kuwait Full Text
314 13 2 AIPSYCH: A Mobile Application-based Artificial Psychiatrist for Predicting Mental Illness and Recovery Suggestions among Students Faruk Hossen1, Sajedul Talukder2 and Refatul Fahad3, 1Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, 2Southern Illinois University, USA, 3BSMRSTU, Bangladesh Full Text
315 13 2 Credit Risk Management using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Karim Amzile and Rajaa Amzile, Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco Full Text

International Journal of Fuzzy Logic Systems (IJFLS)

316 12 1/2/3/4 A Consensus Model for Group Decision Making with Hesitant Fuzzy Information Syeda Mifzalah Bukhari, Atiq-ur Rehman and Maria Bibi, University of Engineering and Technology Taxila, Pakistan Full Text

International Journal on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications (IJSCAI)

317 11 1/2 A Consensus Model for Group Decision Making with Hesitant Fuzzy Information Hussein El Khansa, Carmen Gervet and Audrey Brouillet, Espace-Dev, Univ. Montpellier, IRD, Univ. Guyane, Univ. La Réunion, France Full Text
318 11 1/2 Analysis and Forecasting of Electricity Demand in Davao Del Sur, Philippines Samuel John E. Parreño, University of Mindanao Digos College, Philippines Full Text
319 11 3 Job Matching using Artificial Intelligence Sukit Kitichalermkiat1, Vishakha Singh2, Suntaree Chaowiang2, Sumet Tangprasert2, Pornthep Chiraprawattrakun2 and Nopbhorn Leeprechanon1, 1Thammasat University, Thailand, 2Depth First Co. Ltd., Thailand Full Text

Machine Learning and Applications: An International Journal (MLAIJ)

320 9 1 Exoplanets Identification and Clustering with Machine Learning Methods Yucheng Jin, Lanyi Yang, Chia-En Chiang, University of California-Berkeley, USA Full Text
321 9 2 DSAGLSTM-DTA: Prediction of Drug-Target Affinity using Dual Self-Attention and LSTM Lyu Zhijian, Jiang Shaohua and Tan Yonghao, Hunan Normal University, China Full Text
322 9 2 Multilingual Speech to Text using Deep Learning based on MFCC Features P Deepak Reddy, Chirag Rudresh and Adithya A S, PES University, India Full Text
323 9 3 Ai_Birder: Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to Create a Mobile Application that Automates Bird Classification Charles Tian1 and Yu Sun2, 1USA, 2California State Polytechnic University, USA Full Text
324 9 4 Automatic Spectral Classification of Stars using Machine Learning: An Approach based on the use of Unbalanced Data Marco Oyarzo Huichaqueo1 and Renato Munoz Orrego2, 1Rovira i Virgili University, Spain, 2Technical University of Madrid, Spain Full Text
325 9 4 Machine Learning Algorithms for Credit Card Fraud Detection Amarachi Blessing Mbakwe and Sikiru Ademola Adewale, Virginia Tech, USA Full Text

Signal & Image Processing : An International Journal (SIPIJ)

326 13 1 Heuristic Sensing Schemes for Four-Target Detection in Time-Constrained Vector Poisson and Gaussian Channels Muhammad Fahad and Daniel R. Fuhrmann, Michigan Technological University, USA Full Text
327 13 1 ASERS-LSTM: Arabic Speech Emotion Recognition System Based on LSTM Model Mohammed Tajalsir1, Susana Mu˜noz Hern´andez2 and Fatima Abdalbagi Mohammed1, 1Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan, 2Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Computer Science School (FI), Spain Full Text
328 13 1 Local Distance and Dempster-Dhafer for Multi-Focus Image Fusion Ias Sri Wahyuni1, 2 and Rachid Sabre2, 1Gunadarma University, Indonesia, 2University of Burgundy/Agrosup Dijon, France Full Text
329 13 1 ASERS-CNN: Arabic Speech Emotion Recognition System based on CNN Model Mohammed Tajalsir1, Susana Mu˜noz Hern´andez2 and Fatima Abdalbagi Mohammed1, 1Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan, 2Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Computer Science School (FI), Spain Full Text
330 13 2/3/4 An Implementation of Voice Assistant for Hospitality Sagina Athikkal and John Jenq, Montclair State University, USA Full Text
331 13 2/3/4 Generating Expert Systems to Detect Specific Bacteria Types and Extract Handwriting from Banck Checks Maan Ammar1, Khuzama Ammar2, Nawara Ammar3, Kinan Mansour4 and Waad Ammar5, 1Al Andalus University for medical sciences, Syria, 2Damascus University Educational Hospital (AL ASSAD), Syria, 3Ibn Alhaytham Company for pharmaceutical industries, Syria, 4Zain Al Abedeen Educational Hospital, Karbalaa, Iraq, 5Khadija Al-Kubra Hospital, Karbala, Iraq Full Text
332 13 2/3/4 Domain Engineering for Applied Monocular Reconstruction of Parametric Faces Igor Borovikov, Karine Levonyan, Jon Rein, Pawel Wrotek and Nitish Victor, Electronic Arts, USA Full Text
333 13 5 Improved Edge Detection using Variable Thresholding Technique and Convolution of Gabor with Gaussian Filters Isaack Adidas Kamanga, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), Tanzania Full Text
334 13 6 Classification of Lungs Images for Detecting Nodules using Machine Learning Hussein Hamdan and Umar Alqasemi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Full Text
335 13 6 Handwritten Digit Recognition System based on CNN and SVM Yousra BERRICH and Zouhair GUENNOUN, Mohammed 5 University in Rabat, Morocco Full Text
336 13 6 Comparison of GPU and FPGA Hardware Acceleration of Lane Detection Algorithm Mohamed Alshemi1, Sherif Saif2 and Mohamed Taher3, 1Ain Shams University, Egypt, 1STMicroelectronics, Cairo, Egypt, 2Electronics Research Institute, Egypt, 3Ain Shams University, Egypt Full Text

International Journal on Soft Computing ( IJSC )

337 13 1/2 Spatio-Temporal Characterization with Wavelet Coherence: Anexus between Environment and Pandemic Iftikhar U. Sikder1 and James J. Ribero2, 1Cleveland State University, USA, 2IBA, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Full Text
338 13 3 Introduction of a Novel Anomalous Sound Detection Methodology Xiao Tan and S M Yiu, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Full Text

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